Three outstanding Chiefs playing college lacrosse and enjoying lasting friendships.  Getting outstanding grades too!

DTOWN Holiday Classic Champions

Roller Coaster Rumble and Cherry Bomb Champions


Summer 2017 Events

  • Summer Slam, Philadelphia.  June 24-25
  • Wizards of Lacrosse, Cincinnati.  July 8-9
  • Cherry Bomb, Traverse City.  July 21-22-23

Congratulations to recent 1763 Achievements

  • Shane Wallace commits to The College of Wooster
  • Brent Farrugia commits to Trine University
  • Rocco Mularoni commits to Hope College
  • Keaton Mitchell commits to Mount St. Mary’s
  • James Scane commits to Robert Morris
  • Kyle Nowak commits to John Carroll
  • Bo Pickens commits to Detroit Mercy
  • Brennan Kamish commits to Detroit Mercy
  • Alex Jarzembowski commits to Detroit Mercy
  • Coach Chris Kolon named Head Coach at Detroit Mercy
  • Jacob Parry committed to play at Grand Valley
  • Alex Maini and AJ Levell named to Detroit Mercy staff.
  • Mark Hamilton named Assistant Coach of the Year for Michigan High Schools
  • Charlie Hayes committed to play at Detroit Mercy
  • Shane Pettke, committed to Seton Hill
  • Noah Taylor committed to Hamilton College
  • Gavin Bertram committed to play at U Mass – Lowell
  • Brett Lubin committed to play at NJIT
  • Erik Schmidt committed to play at Michigan
  • Logan Shamblin committed to Detroit Mercy
  • Coach Karl Zimmerman named Head Coach at Trine University
Why Are We Called 1763?

1763 is the year that lacrosse became Michigan’s liberator and first team sport. In the summer of 1763 the Sauk and Ojibwe needed a plan to recapture Fort Michilimackinac (upper Michigan) from the British. The British were at war with the French and controlled all the trading in the Upper-Midwest. Since the Ojibwe and Sauk preferred the French’s favorable trading practices over those of the English they devised a unique plan, using a lacrosse game to distract the British soldiers so they could take over the fort. The date for the game was set for June 2 to coincide with the English Kings birthday when the soldiers would be free from their duties and ready to be entertained by the public wagering on the game. On the day of the game the plan had the women of both tribes line up along the wall in front of the main gate with tomahawks, knives and war clubs under their shawls and blankets. As the game moved closer to the main gate the ball was thrown into the Fort. The players from both teams dropped their sticks, grabbing the weapons from the women and stormed the unsuspecting British through the open main gate capturing the Fort and all the goods, and that’s how Lacrosse liberated Michigan for the natives!

 Recruiting Guide

Click here to download the Recruiting Guide published by U.S. Lacrosse