1763  Supplemental Tryouts 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

12:00 noon

Tryouts for 1763 Summer HS and Youth Teams as well as Spring Youth Teams will be held on Sunday, January 27 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Ultimate Soccer Arenas, 867 South Blvd., Pontiac, MI 48341.  Players are encouraged to register in advance for the tryout.

Incredible Coaching Staff | Top Events | 18 hours of training | smart schedule | outstanding instruction and value

2019 Events:

June 22-23. Showdown in Motown, Washington, MI

July 13 – 14. Best of the Midwest, Orchard Lake, MI

July 20 – 21. Cherry Bomb, Traverse City, MI


Which Team Is Right For You?

Click here to find out if Chiefs Elite or 1763 is the right team for you.

Why Play for  1763?

1763 exists to develop you into the best lacrosse player you can be.  We hire and retain coaches that are experienced professionals and who put their heart and soul into helping each individual improve.  We believe that your contribution to your school team — high school or college — is what gives the most satisfaction and generates the fond memories that stay with you throughout life.  We believe in developing strong team cohesiveness and we teach you life lessons that help you to be a better person.  We strongly feel that academics should be your priority. We have sent 67 players on to compete at the Division 1, 2 and 3 college levels and we know that each coach that recruited them placed a premium on academics.

If you want to play lacrosse post high school, we will help you.  We do believe in making the realities of playing lacrosse in college abundantly clear to both players and their parents.  We do believe in being completely candid and forthright in telling you where we think you might be able to succeed in college.  But be warned: we think you should focus on college first and foremost; if lacrosse fits in our helps—that’s the perfect formula.

  • We are going to provide you with some of the best coaches in the business
  • We are going to work on your skills and your game
  • We are going to win games through teamwork
  • We are going to have fun
  • We are going to help you learn life lessons
  • We are going to always tell the truth
  • We are going to counsel you about the future
  • We are going to provide you with the best value in travel lacrosse

Why Are We Called 1763?

1763 is the year that lacrosse became Michigan’s liberator and first team sport. In the summer of 1763 the Sauk and Ojibwe needed a plan to recapture Fort Michilimackinac (upper Michigan) from the British. The British were at war with the French and controlled all the trading in the Upper-Midwest. Since the Ojibwe and Sauk preferred the French’s favorable trading practices over those of the English they devised a unique plan, using a lacrosse game to distract the British soldiers so they could take over the fort. The date for the game was set for June 2 to coincide with the English Kings birthday when the soldiers would be free from their duties and ready to be entertained by the public wagering on the game. On the day of the game the plan had the women of both tribes line up along the wall in front of the main gate with tomahawks, knives and war clubs under their shawls and blankets. As the game moved closer to the main gate the ball was thrown into the Fort. The players from both teams dropped their sticks, grabbing the weapons from the women and stormed the unsuspecting British through the open main gate capturing the Fort and all the goods, and that’s how Lacrosse liberated Michigan for the natives!

 Recruiting Guide

Click here to download the Recruiting Guide published by U.S. Lacrosse